About HOS R&D

Established in the year 2010, HOS Technology R&D LTD. specializes in building special purpose vehicles.

  • Designing and implementing projects in the field of vehicle engineering,
  • Modifications, and installations of special advanced equipped vehicles
  • Manufacturing of special vehicles such as Riot control vehicles, firefighting, armored vehicles and command & control posts..
  • Designing & manufacturing projects in the field of electrical engineering and command & control.
  • Design & installations of improved electricity power systems and command&control.
  • Design & installations of Air Conditioning (A/C) systems in civilian and military vehicles.
  • Design & installations of improved electricity power systems and command & control systems.

Kokhav Yair Site



The company’s R&D site includes engineering offices and manufacturing compound for models and special small-scale projects.

Maintenance center in the center of the country.


beit alfa Site

During the year 2020, all Beit-Alfa activities were acquired  by  HOS.

This move introduced into HOS the vast experience that was accumulated over 15 years, along with the engineers and technicians that remained in their positions.

These activities included:

  • EOD Police cars modeling.
  • Build and maintain for Police Riot Control Vehicles
  • Build and maintain Fire Fighting vehicles
  • Developing and manufacturing of cash delivery armored vehicles