Remote Control Systems for vehicles

HOS technology R&D is Kairos Autonomi’s local partner and distributor in Israel.

Kairos autonomi is the largest manufacturer in USA of kits to modify existing automotive platforms, into remote control platforms.

Kairos Autonomi thinks differently about autonomy. Rather than build expensive, purpose-built systems, Kairos Autonomi produces high-quality, cost-effective solutions that can be retrofitted or “strapped-on” to any existing vehicle or vessel that has a steering wheel.

Effectively create a fleet of optionally unmanned, tele-operation or semi-autonomous ground vehicles to handle a host of operations.

  • ¬†Testing & Evaluation
  • Training Requirements
  • Moving Land Targets
  • Range Clearance
  • Convoy Lead / Follow
  • Route Reconnaissance
  • Anything dull, dirty or dangerous