Riot control vehicles

More than 15 different models of the most advanced and effective Riot Control Vehicles have been designed, manufactured and delivered by B.A.T. to 40 different countries

HOS/BAT is a leading manufacturer of Riot Control vehicles which presents complete line of highly effective Riot Control Vehicles based on over 50 years of expertise in specialized vehicle design and production.

These rugged vehicles include the latest in Water Cannon technology, highly accurate non-lethal, based on the state-of-the-art advanced computer-controlled JET PULSE SYSTEM.

The advanced command control allows the operator to mix accurate amount of additives such tear gas (CS) or dye to the water pulses according to operation need.

BAT manufactures a complete line of over 15 distinct types of Riot Control Vehicles all custom-built per customer specifications and under the highest standard of quality.

The Riot Control Vehicles are built on a variety of commercial chassis’ sizes with wide range of optional accessories and groupings.



  • Three modes of operation: Short Pulse, Long Pulse and Continuous Stream.
  • Tear gas (CS) or Pepper Spray (OC) injected into the water pulse.
  • Dye coloring injected into the water pulse.
  • A wide range of self-protection systems to protect both the crew and the vehicle.
  • Under chassis & wheelhouses fire protection by extinguishing foam
  • Upper deck fire protection by extinguishing foam
  • Tear gas nozzles all around the vehicle to prevent rioters approaching.
  • Water sprayers for windshield and side windows.
  • Automatic self-flashing system
  • Positive pressure system & Air filtration for the cabin.
  • Front bulldozer for obstacle removal.
  • Close circuit T.V and video system.
  • Rear camera & monitor for backward view.
  • Front bumper Water-Foam cannon
  • Signaling and lighting systems (to comply with customer and traffic regulations)
  • Protection grills
  • Ballistic armoring against any thread level (optional).
  • Run-Flat-Tires (R.F.T) (optional)
  • Extractable shields on both sides (optional)


Among these different models, we can find Compact high maneuvering riot control vehicles, based on standard Trucks, with a tank capacity of 1500-2500 L, 3000L- 5000L, 6000L – 8000L   And up to 9000L and above

Unique design of Riot Control vehicle to deal with demonstrators beyond cover or at high levels.

RCU 2500

RCU 4500

RCU 6000

RCU 9000

RCU 9000 Boom

Unique design of Riot Control vehicle to deal with demonstrators beyond cover or at high levels