Our Clients

The many years of service in the IDF and the extensive professional experience of the company’s personnel in the field, allow HOS to support projects carried out with the IDF and institutional Identities.

Our familiarity with the required processes, standards, and procedures, and constraints on foreign exchange, and work with the Department of Defense as well as the Procurement Delegation in New York, allows HOS to provide the proper support for it’s clients when carrying out projects with the IDF.

This assistance allows for advanced planning, proper assessments and, analysis, and dealing with project risks which all contribute to a substantial financial benefit. 

The incredible history of B.A.T. allows us to also be well-versed in specialty vehicles, with a longstanding relationship with the Israeli Fire and Rescue, Israeli Police, and International Police Forces as well.   


Among our clients those can be found:
Law Enforcement Agencies, HLS Authorities, Fire Fighting Forces, Border Police, Correction Authorities, Gendarmerie, Banks, Weapons and Military systems manufacturers