Quality policy

We are committed to providing high quality products. Our processes include conducting controlled pre-design, development, production and services that meet client requirements and expectations. 

HOS is Certified to the requirements of AS9100D and ISO9001: 2015 standards. 

We are committed to operating in accordance with the principles of excellence and continuous improvement of our quality products and client satisfaction. 

As part of this policy:

HOS views its clients as strategic partners in achieving business and organizational goals.

The company strives to achieve the satisfaction of its clients in all stages of development, production, and subsequent service delivery.

The company views achieving a high level of quality for its products and services. Delivering the product on time as a major way of gaining the trust and satisfaction of customers; and takes pride in its ability to constantly live up to those standards.

The company’s management is committed to meeting the requirements of its clients and the requirements of the AS9100D standard, while always striving for continuous improvement.

The company’s management will care to provide employees with all the resources required to perform their work in the best possible way. 

The company’s management will build a “successful partnership” system with suppliers from the engagement stages and over time.


The organization’s management recognizes an employee’s ability to make mistakes in the performance of his duties. The organization’s management therefore encourages employees to report non-compliance and will work to reduce the causes of non-compliance in relation to human error.

The organization’s management encourages the improvement of the professional ability, expertise and skill of the employees, among other things through a training system.

Every employee in the organization understands that they are directly responsible for the quality and customer satisfaction. The company’s employees are an integral part of the quality management system within the various roles they perform.

The company’s quality goals are determined and reviewed as part of the annual management survey, which is distributed to all employees.